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Are you a business in need of outsourcing computer and technical services to a trusted partner?

Technology Professional Services
(Tech Pros)
is a full service technology support, training and consultation company located in Ukiah, CA. We are devoted to helping you with technology challenges that most people don't have time to manage.

We offer you
industry leading expertise with an accomplished track record in the field of business technology. Call us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Does your school need technical support to meet Smarter Balanced Assessments and Common Core Standards requirements? 

The Tech Pro Team is focused on providing you with comprehensive, best of breed support and services to educational agenciesWe offer you customizable IT solutions that allow for the unique needs of schools at an affordable price.

We are an approved Ed Tech K12 Voucher service and professional development provider. Rely on us to figure out your IT needs.

(888) 242-2360
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Ukiah, Ca